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Divorce is difficult for anyone who experiences it. But if you own a business or otherwise have complex assets, going through a divorce can threaten your financial stability and your livelihood. The attorney you hire needs to be experienced in business law as well as family law and needs to be a zealous advocate willing to fight for your rights in court.

When you hire Clark Law Firm, PLLC, that’s exactly what you can expect. Our successful business litigation practice makes us ideally suited to represent business owners and others in a high-asset divorce. In fact, we often represent existing business law clients in divorce when there are substantial assets (including business assets) at issue.

Correctly Valuing Your Business And Keeping It Intact

Many small business owners have personal funds tied up in their business. This means that even if your spouse has no role in daily operations, they might nonetheless have a financial stake in the business. Protecting businesses subject to division in divorce is a complex process requiring skilled counsel.

Protecting the business and keeping it intact involves complex calculations, proper valuation of assets and strong negotiation/litigation skills. Our lawyers will work closely with you to determine the overall value of the business as well as your spouse’s share, then discuss your options for obtaining full ownership in the property division process.

Other Considerations In High-Asset Divorce

Outside of specific business interests, the property division process is complex when a couple has significant and diverse assets.

We go into every interaction with the goal of obtaining the desired result as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Our firm strives to reach a resolution that is agreeable to our clients before ever entering the courtroom. However, when settlement is not possible or the parties are divided over large, complex assets or businesses, our attorneys work diligently to prepare and present your best case in court.

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